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About Julie Weston

Julie Weston Celebrant

Julie Weston

Grad. Dip. Arts (Civil Ceremonies) Monash University

Member -  Civil Celebrations Network


I love ceremonies....big time! 


Everyone deserves a beautiful ceremony that is unique.  I really do believe that we should celebrate our important milestones.  In our culture, we often forget to do just that. We all have amazing stories, full of wonderful life events and adventures.  Acknowledging how incredible we are and giving full credit to our precious moments is so important and I want to help you celebrate your story.


Creating ceremonies and finding the unique thread of your story is what I love to do - and I take the time to make sure that your unique story is reflected in your ceremony.


I love rituals too and can weave a personalised ritual into your ceremony: Handfasting, lighting candles, blending of sand, sharing of sake - mmmm. A meaningful ritual can add a whole other dimension to your ceremony.

I'm a bit of an explorer - of all sorts of different things - maybe that's trekking in the Himalayas (Nepal and Bhutan are my happy places), journeying through Europe, enjoying leisurely strolls around my local area, listening to podcasts, reading books, watching movies, exploring new ideas or philosophies, meditating, stretching into yoga, discovering new exotic foods or delicious wines .... well the list goes on but you get the picture!

When not 'exploring', creating or conducting ceremonies I follow my passion for women's health.  I worked with a cancer charity for a  number of years supporting those affected by cervical cancer here in Australia and in developing countries. I’ve taken groups of people to Nepal and Bhutan to see the charity's work first hand and gone trekking the Himalayas, these have been enriching,  amazing and life-changing experiences!  


I am inspired by the Buddhist philosophy of kindness and compassion and try to infuse my ceremonies with hint of this.

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