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Some of the legal requirements


Yes - there are some legals we'll need to take care of. I will guide you through the requirements such as:

  • Notice of Intended Marriage -  is important that the Notice of Intended Marriage form is completed at least one month, but no longer than 18 months prior to your wedding date.  Each of you are required to consent to marry the other party, and you must be legally able to marry i.e.  not already married to someone else (bigamy is an offence in Australia).

  • Are you old enough?  You'll need to be 18 years or older to get married.  (If one of you is under 18 you need special permission from a magistrate.  Note -  two underage people cannot marry under any circumstances.)

  • If you were born in Australia you must provide proof of where you were born (ie - your birth certificate/extract of birth/passport) to the celebrant.  Those born outside of Australia may provide their passport for proof of birth if it is not possible to provide a valid birth certificate.  You will also need to provide a photo proof of identity e.g. drivers licence to the celebrant.

  • Have you been divorced?  If so, you need to supply your divorce documents to the celebrant. 

  • If you are a widow or widower, you need to provide a death certificate to the celebrant.

  • Make sure all your information on the legals is true and correct - it is an offence to make a false statement on your Notice of Intended Marriage form or declaration.


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