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Celebrating Life - Funerals & Memorials


It's sad but true - we live, we love, we work, we play and then we come to the end of our journey.  Death is the one guarantee in life and we all deserve a memorable and meaningful celebration of the time we spent here on mother earth. 

It's a privilege for me to honour those who have died with a beautiful and uplifting ceremony.

Over the years I have prepared funeral and memorial ceremonies for people from all walks of life. From a child just arrived and only 10 weeks old to those who have reached over 90 years of age and all of the in-betweens.

For me, end of life celebrations are a collaboration and I work closely with each family to create a special send off.  Finding the thread, the narrative of someone’s journey and weaving it into ceremony is heart-warming work.  

Personally, many years before I became a celebrant, I spoke at the funerals of my mother, my father and my best friend.  I found an inner strength within me that I didn't know I had until then and was able to farewell them with dignity and grace…and a few chuckles as well!  It was these experiences that helped to shape the way I create each and every unique life celebration that I prepare.


Memorial  Ceremonies

The ceremony for your special person can be held whenever the time is right.  It’s not unusual for families to have a private cremation or burial and then to have a memorial service at a later time.  There really is no right or wrong time or way to farewell your loved one.

Talking to a celebrant can give you some ideas about how to make the celebration a perfect fit for the one departed and for the family planning the farewell.  I’m always available for an obligation-free chat.


Remembrance Ceremonies

When the initial grief has settled you may want to remember your loved one on their birthday, at Christmas, on the anniversary of their death or at other special times.  

You can hold a memorial service at their resting place, in a chapel, at an open-air venue, ore even at their favourite restaurant, winery or pub.  Maybe they just loved hanging out on the beach, or hiking up the mountains, or watching footy on a Saturday afternoon … you could even host a dinner party in their honour with the menu highlighting their favourite dishes. 

Whatever their personality – I can help you remember your special loved one in a ceremony that is just right for them and you.


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