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What do I do?  I create ceremonies for you!


The word ceremony is defined as "the ritual observances and procedures required or performed at grand and formal occasions".


I have the skills to turn your dream ceremony into a memorable occasion.  Whatever your style: simple and elegant, spiritual and uplifting, grand and ornate or just outright fun. Together we will create the perfect ceremony for your special day.


My Philosophy

It's pretty simple - everyone deserves a ceremony that makes their special occasion a beautiful memory to be cherished forever.  

Julie presenting scart to newly married couple.
I'm passionate about ceremonies
Two glasses of wine on table.
Commitment Ceremonies

I'm passionate about ceremonies and have the skills to turn your idea into something really special.  I listen to you...yes I do!  You won't get someone else's ceremony template.  


My ceremonies are bespoke. I'll make sure all of those special things that are important to you are woven throughout your ceremony.  Just the way you want it to be.

Julie presenting wedding ceremony.
Milestone  Ceremonies

Perhaps a legal marriage ceremony is not your style, but you still want to commit to that special person in your life.  


Together we can create a unique and meaningful commitment ceremony for you to publicly declare your intentions.   



Baby in cute elf outfit.
Naming Ceremonies

I will help you celebrate your special milestone, whatever it may be:  re-commitment of your vows, anniversary,  coming of age, retirement, remission from illness, saying goodbye to a defunct relationship, croning (ladies turning 60-ish), moving into a new home or office, welcoming a new pet, farewelling a beloved pet or

re-naming your yacht!  


I'm here to help you with your unique ceremony.

What’s in a name?  Lots!  You’ve had a child either naturally or with some help from the miracle of IVF or by adoption.  It’s a very special opportunity to introduce your new family member to the world.  


When babies and children come along, welcome them into your family with a Naming Ceremony, created especially for your family. 

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