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What is it about Royal Weddings...?!

Along with just about the rest of the world I sat mesmerised as Meghan and Harry tied the knot yesterday.

What is it about a Royal Wedding that has such a pull?

Is their wedding any more important than the weddings I’ve performed for numerous Aussie couples?

And the answer is – according to this Celebrant …”No” Not more important at all, but just more out there and in your face. And on the tele and every goddam newspaper, magazine and social media platform that the world has on offer!

I’m musing about how many weddings I do for shy couples that don’t want their wedding plastered on social media, and the unplugged weddings that are becoming more the norm, without the incessant click of phones and cameras during the ceremony. I salute all couples, everywhere around the globe for taking that huge step and proclaiming their love for each other – no matter how they do it.

One of the things I loved most about the wedding was the cellist, Sheku Kanneh-Mason, he was just divine, and did you notice that he was sporting a somewhat rad pair of socks to boot!

I also loved the ‘simplicity’ of Meghan’s dress, the sheer joy on both of their faces, the freewheelin’ pastor The Most Reverend Michael Curry, and oh yes – the Kingdom Choir.

I loved that the pastor quoted Martin Luther King. And that the word ‘obey’ was excluded from the vows.

I’m sitting here today with my heart full of love as I reflect on the marriages I have performed over the years and the ceremony that I’m putting together for a wedding in a couple of weeks time.

For me, each wedding I create is bespoke, it’s uniquely crafted for the couples that come to me and choose me to be their Officiant. Each wedding is so special and full of love and commitment, family and friends, just like the Royal wedding we all (or well, millions of us) just watched.

I love that weddings here in our beautiful land of Australia can be anything the couple wants it to be, each wedding truly reflecting their style, with just the legal wording and vows that must be said, everything else is a reflection of the uniqueness of the couple.

That’s what I love about being a celebrant. I’ve done so many weddings now, in all sorts of locations including: chapels, gardens, farms, rotundas, by the beach, in the hinterland, inside, outside, fancy, simple. Here’s to many beautiful, loved up ceremonies to come!

Harry, Meghan and every couple of every kind out there – congratulations.

So this is my first Blog Post …. Until the next….

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