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Australia Day - Happy Day? Sorry Day?

I've been pondering this day...

The ‘Day’

For some – celebrations

BBQs, Gatherings

Ceremonies of belonging

A twinge of guilt – for some

The ‘Day’

For many of our first people




Sorry business

For me - a lot of reflection, so I wrote this:

A song to Country

Black, white

Yin, yang

Light, dark

Happy, sad,

We came to Country

We second people

We ‘discovered ‘this ancient, ‘empty’ land

That was full of its people,

Art, culture, dreamtime

Yes, we came and we brought

Plunder, rape, sickness, death

The stealing of children

The first people

Custodians of Country

They mourn, they weep

But Country remains

It gives, it gives

It keeps on giving

Over time


Or so we hope

Black, white

We all love this place

This Country

Home to first peoples since ancient time

And home to second peoples for a moment in time

Country reaches out

Across time

New becomes old

Old becomes ancient

Time melds it all together

Time has a voice

The voice of Country

Listen, hard, as it speaks to you

To you … yes you

Hear with your heart

With your whole body

And learn love this Country

This land you walk so heavily upon

Tread lightly now

Country sings to us

Reach out

Let heart connect with heart

Let soul speak to soul

Listen …

With every cell in your body

Listen with your feet

With your hands, your eyes

Open your ears through your heart

As Country sings to you

From below and above

From within and without

The song is gentle

But strong

… for me ….protect me… love me…..

Listen, this song is deep within you


Whisper back

I hear you, I love you

I will care for you

And all who step lightly upon you

First people, second people

Country sings them together

Entwines them

Over time, through time

Reaching out, from within.

Finding peace, finding wholeness

Perhaps another day dawns

As Healing day

With love ….. Julie

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